Maintenance Plan Enrollment

For more than 20 years, DAPrDAN has brought the joy of homeownership back to life with our Home Maintenance Plan. Simple and lightweight, you will get your time back while all of the dirty and dangerous tasks are taken care of by us — the pros. Our plan is predictable, easy to adjust, you’ll save money, and it’s managed by our friendly staff, so you’re sure to get a great experience. Enroll today!

Here’s what you get:

  • Easy access to our customer portal where you can track all of your upcoming appointments, quotes, paid invoices, and more across the life of your plan.

  • Priority scheduling during the busiest times of the year.

  • Familiar personnel you can trust.

  • Discounted pricing on all our services.

  • Private customer service phone number to get you to the front of the line and receive your special requests.

“The home maintenance plan from DAPrDAN is what I imagine the future of cars will be like — complete automation. You put your home on cruise control and those recurring projects just get done — total handsfree and carefree maintenance of my home. I love the simplicity!
— Julie Schuller, homeowner in Bellevue, WA
DAN’s the MAN!
— Cheryl Bordune, homeowner in Snohomish, WA
These guys are all about service. Their approach to property maintenance adds value to my investments and my life.
— Nicole Mosbacker, homeowner in North Bend, WA
Dedicated. Talented. Dependable. Honest. Fair.
— Geoff Anderson, Real Estate Investor in Seattle, WA
Beautiful job. Staff is so friendly. Feels like family.
— Linda Johnson, homeowner in Renton, WA
For years, our maintenance plan has gone smoothly — on schedule, on budget, with friendly, hard-working professionals. Excellent results. Highly recommend this company.
— Darin Kracht, homeowner in Sammamish, WA
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Window Cleaning
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Roof & Gutter Cleaning
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Power Washing
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Holiday Lighting
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Holiday Lighting NW is a supplier of high quality lighting for your home. When you purchase and store your lighting display with HLNW, they guarantee your lights will be worry-free for a period of 5 years, or all service and replacement costs are free of charge. Please inquire for more details.
Use this section to customize your holiday lighting plan.